Change Management

ACOL BV has extensive experience in change management. Changes within organisations are taking place more than ever. Global economic and social influences in particular have led to enormous changes within business organisations in recent years. From small administrative adjustments to major reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions. ACOL BV know as one of the bests how global economic changes can affect your own business processes and provides you with advice or complete a project in the area of change management.

The change management advice from ACOL BV is the result of a thorough analysis of the situation. Recognizing the correct external and internal signals is the first step towards changes within your own organisation. ACOL BV helps you to recognize these signals and clarifies which adjustments apply to your situation.

In order to implement changes efficiently and effectively, it is very important that there is consensus about the direction forwards . ACOL BV knows from its many years of change management experience that effective communication with all stakeholders is of great importance in order to ultimately achieve the set goals. That is why we not only develop and implement the right adjustments for your business situation, but also convince and train your employees if required.

Interim management
Sometimes the right professionals are temporarily missing to be able to lead a period of change management. Then your management or staff appears to need temporary supplementation. ACOL BV can provide this supplement through the deployment of an experienced (interim) change manager.