Process optimisation

With process optimisation you ensure that the internal processes within your organisation work more efficiently for you, resulting in financial benefits and competitive advantage. In the uncertain economic times in which we find ourselves, process optimisation provides many benefits and therefore potential benefits. ACOL BV is specialised in the systematic pursuit of desired circumstances. The point is to make use of human capacities in a coordinated manner and thereby optimize your processes. ACOL BV uses Lean Daily Management and Six Sigma as proven methods for process optimisation.

Process optimisation advice
To arrive at process optimisation advice, ACOL BV starts with a thorough analysis of your current business processes. Based on this analysis, we issue a process optimisation advice that enables your organisation to use its time, working capital and material as efficiently as possible.

Process optimisation projects
ACOL BV supports you on a project basis from the analysis and advice phase of process optimisation to the implementation of all strategic adjustments and improvements.