The success of the integration of business units in a takeover or merger is determined by proper planning, correct speed and the creation of sufficient support. ACOL BV is able to perform a thorough analysis of the existing and desired situation in a short period of time. Based on this, we make a plan of action with which your organisation realizes the intended synergy and economies of scale of the integration as fully as possible.

Integration advice
ACOL BV has many years of experience and expertise in the field of integration of companies and business units during mergers and acquisitions. After a thorough analysis, we advise you on the correct plan of approach within your organisation. In our advice we take into account both internal and external factors that influence the success of the integration.

Integration projects
ACOL BV does not only give clear and sound advice. Once the action plan for your integration issue is ready, we can support you on a project basis with the implementation of the proposed method and adjustments.

Interim management
Your company may need management support during the course of an integration process. ACOL BV is used to becoming involved in the management of organisations that are subject to change. With our expertise and many years of experience we offer you extra support and a reliable sparring partner.